Chronic depression

It is very important to detect a first episode of depression early because the treatment can then quickly reduce the symptoms. Depression treated late can lead to complications (1).
  • Depression is characterized by an association of variable symptoms from one to another (1).
  • These symptoms, that can be severe, are present almost every day for at least two weeks. They are a source of distress and have a professional, social and family impact. This is called a characterized depressive episode and not a simple “depression” or a transient depressive reaction (1).
  • Depression can affect the body and be responsible for multiple pains, sexual disturbances, a slowdown in activity or, on the contrary, agitation (1).
  • The depressed person is not always aware of his disease, and it is the entourage or the doctor during a consultation who evoke the diagnosis of depressive episode (1).

(1) AMELI : Dépression (troubles dépressifs) (accessed 2022-01-31)

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