Bipolar Disorders

Bipolar disorder, or manic-depressive episode, is a chronic mental illness responsible for mood disorders, most often alternating between states of exaltation and depression.(1)

    • Bipolar disorder is characterized by reccurent mood disorders (1).
    • This chronic mental illness was formely called manic-depressive psychosis (1).
    • In sick people, mood typically oscillates between:
      • Manic episodes
        • Exaltation phases, where patients are extremely active, even agitated and sometimes feel euphoric and exalted.
      • Depressive episodes
        • Mood decline phases, following a manic phase, where patients may experience great sadness and lose all desire for activity (1).
      • The remission intervals
        • Between these manic and depressive episodes, mood can return to normal, or almost normal (1).

(1) AMELI: Les troubles bipolaires (accessed 2022-01-31)

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