Facts & figures on our steady growth

15 years after its creation, Juvisé Pharmaceuticals has become an established international pharmaceutical company, manufacturing and marketing 10 pharmaceutical specialties in 4 main therapeutic areas (gastroenterology, oncology, cardiology, neuropsychiatry).

Our model also contributes to protecting France’s health and industrial sovereignty. Indeed, Juvisé Pharmaceuticals records 81% of production in Europe and 51% in France.

These relocations enable us to be as close as possible to the healthcare professionals and patients for whom we make our medicines available, since we are mainly present in Europe, where we generate 63% of our sales (20% of which in France).

We are also invested in Africa and the Middle East, where most of our pharmaceutical specialties are marketed, giving access to essential medicines to millions of patients in these regions.

In total, our medicines are available to 4.4 million patients in almost 80 countries on 5 continents. With 17 manufacturing sites for finished products and 10 for active ingredients, Juvisé Pharmaceuticals benefits from a solid network of industrial partners to produce the 4 pharmaceutical forms required (tablet, capsule, drop and injectable solution).

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