Focus on our strengths

A networked organization

 Our team of about 60 healthcare professionals, based between Paris and Lyon, concentrates on high value-added missions and acts as veritable orchestrators managing various projects and external partners (manufacturing sites, distributors, Contract Sales Organisations, commercial partners …). This network model guarantees rapid growth, great flexibility and seamless availability of our medicines.


An ethical product portfolio

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals is committed to manufacturing and marketing medicines recognized for their high therapeutic value by the medical community, enabling patients suffering from prevalent conditions such as high blood pressure, and sometimes much more serious conditions such as breast and prostate cancer, to continue to have access to medicines of proven efficacy.


A strong commitment to quality

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals’ business model helps to protect France’s healthcare sovereignty, since 81% of production is relocated to Europe, and 51% to France, whenever a pharmaceutical asset is acquired. Indeed, European relocation is one of the key solutions to solve major stock out problems. The success of this model proves that relocation is not incompatible with profitability: producing in Europe, and particularly in France, is a guarantee of quality.


A strong international presence

Thanks to its solid network of distributors, agents and partners, Juvisé Pharmaceuticals markets its medicines in almost 80 countries among Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, and holds its own marketing authorizations (MA) in 57 markets in EMEA (Europe Middle East Asia) out of a total of 200 marketing authorizations (MA).
Juvisé Pharmaceuticals is particularly present in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, where we have a particularly extensive network of commercial partners, and covers the whole of Europe, where the company achieves 63% of its sales, particularly in France, where it achieves 20% of its sales.


Recognized expertise

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals is a secure, reliable business partner recognized by major pharmaceutical companies (Novartis, Astra Zeneca, AbbVie…), with which it has signed numerous agreements since its creation.
Juvisé Pharmaceuticals’ expertise is particularly recognized in the integration and management of new products. Thanks to its networked model, its talented team and its solid network of partners around the world, Juvisé Pharmaceuticals optimizes the production and distribution costs of the drugs it acquires, while relocating them to Europe, and then ensures their rapid relaunch and deployment thanks to effective, targeted promotional campaigns.

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