From LynaPharm to Juvise Pharmaceuticals

From 2002 to 2008

LynaPharm: a pharmaceutical company specialized in psychiatric disorders

In 2002, Frederic MASCHA took the opportunity of a first acquisition, Lysanxia® (prazepam), a psychiatric drug from Pfizer, to found a pharmaceutical company called LynaPharm, through a joint venture with the Italian pharmaceutical group, Sigma-Tau.

Later on, LynaPharm acquired the rights of Anafranil® (clomipramine), an antidepressant drug from Novartis, and Synedil® (sulpiride), for psychotic disorders from Astellas.

Frederic MASCHA and his holding company, Juvise, sold their LynaPharm shares to the Sigma-Tau group in 2008 to create Juvise Pharmaceuticals.

Since 2008

Juvise Pharmaceuticals: a European specialty pharmaceutical company

Following the sale of LynaPharm laboratories in 2008, Frederic MASCHA created Juvise Pharmaceuticals.

Juvise Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company manufacturing and marketizing its own branded pharmaceutical specialties – acquired from large pharmaceutical companies – in 75 countries in the world.

Juvise Pharmaceuticals currently markets 9 specialty pharmaceutical products, essential in the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular, neurologic-psychiatric and rheumatic disorders: Arimidex® (anastrozole), Casodex® (bicalutamide), Esidrex® (hydrochlorothiazide), Sintrom® (acenocoumarol), Digoxin-Juvise® (digoxin), Entumin® (clotiapine), Insidon® (opipramol), Extovyl® (betahistine mesilate) and Lumirelax® (methocarbamol).


En 2002

Frédéric MASCHA

creates LynaPharm

LynaPharm NeuroSciences

A pharmaceutical company specializing in neuropsychiatry, in association with the Italian pharmaceutical group Sigma-Tau. LynaPharm's key achievements:
  • Profits made from the first year
  • Quadrupled sales from 2006 years and a total of 25 M€
  • Treatments marketed in 22 countries
En 2002

LynaPharm acquires

Lysanxia® (Pfizer)
En 2005

LynaPharm acquires

Anafranil® (Novartis)
En 2007

LynaPharm acquires

Synedil® (Astellas)
Acquires 100% de LynaPharm
En 2008

Frédéric MASCHA

creates Juvisé Pharmaceuticals

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals

A pharmaceutical company specializing in oncology, cardiology and neuropsychiatry. Key achievements of Juvisé Pharmaceuticals:
  • An established product portfolio
  • Treatments marketed in 75 countries
  • A strong network of partner factories
En 2008

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals acquires

Lumirelax® (Thera France)
Extovyl® (Thera France)
En 2011

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals acquires

Entumin® (Novartis)
Insidon® (Thera France)
Calmixène® (Thera France)
En 2013

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals takes in license

Proxeed Plus® (Sigma-Tau)
Ezerex® (Sigma-Tau)
En 2016

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals acquires

Esidrex® (Novartis)
Sintrom® (Novartis)
Digoxine-Juvisé® (Novartis)
En 2019

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals acquires

Arimidex® (AstraZeneca)
Casodex® (AstraZeneca)
En 2022

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals acquires

Pylera® (Abbvie)

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