From LynaPharm to Juvise Pharmaceuticals

From 2002 to 2008

LynaPharm: a pharmaceutical company specialized in psychiatric disorders

In 2002, Frederic MASCHA took the opportunity of a first acquisition, Lysanxia® (prazepam), a psychiatric drug from Pfizer, to found a pharmaceutical company called LynaPharm, through a joint venture with the Italian pharmaceutical group, Sigma-Tau.

Later on, LynaPharm acquired the rights of Anafranil® (clomipramine), an antidepressant drug from Novartis, and Synedil® (sulpiride), for psychotic disorders from Astellas.

Frederic MASCHA and his holding company, Juvise, sold their LynaPharm shares to the Sigma-Tau group in 2008 to create Juvise Pharmaceuticals.

Since 2008

Juvise Pharmaceuticals: a European specialty pharmaceutical company

The story of Juvisé began in 2008. At that time, Frédéric Mascha, who already had extensive pharmaceutical and entrepreneurial experience, observed that in the United States, more and more companies were being created to secure the production, marketing and promotion of essential medicines, which some major pharma companies were gradually abandoning in favor of other therapeutic areas that were more strategic for them.

After the success of LynaPharm, he created Juvisé Pharmaceuticals, acquiring Lumirelax and Extovyl from Thera France. Since then, Juvisé Pharmaceuticals has continued to grow and develop year after year in new therapeutic areas, from rheumatology and neuropsychiatry to gastroenterology, cardiology and oncology, recording average annual sales growth of 33%.


In 2002

Frédéric MASCHA

creates LynaPharm

LynaPharm NeuroSciences

A pharmaceutical company specializing in neuropsychiatry, in association with the Italian pharmaceutical group Sigma-Tau. LynaPharm's key achievements:
  • Profits made from the first year
  • Quadrupled sales from 2006 years and a total of 25 M€
  • Treatments marketed in 22 countries
In 2002

LynaPharm acquires

Lysanxia® (Pfizer)
In 2005

LynaPharm acquires

Anafranil® (Novartis)
In 2007

LynaPharm acquires

Synedil® (Astellas)
Acquires 100% of LynaPharm
In 2008

Frédéric MASCHA

creates Juvisé Pharmaceuticals

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals

In 2008

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals acquires

Lumirelax® (Thera France)
Extovyl® (Thera France)
In 2011

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals acquires

Entumin® (Novartis)
Insidon® (Thera France)
Calmixène® (Thera France)
In 2013

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals takes in license

Proxeed Plus® (Sigma-Tau)
Ezerex® (Sigma-Tau)
In 2016

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals acquires

Esidrex® (Novartis)
Sintrom® (Novartis)
Digoxine-Juvisé® (Novartis)
In 2019

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals acquires

Arimidex® (AstraZeneca)
Casodex® (AstraZeneca)
In 2022

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals acquires

Pylera® (Abbvie)
In 2024

Juvisé Pharmaceuticals acquires

Ponvory® (Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine)

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