1. Who are we?

The website juvisepharmaceuticals.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Website“) is published by JUVISE, a simplified joint stock company with a capital of €304 499,00, registered in the Lyon Trade and Companies Register under number 509 059 879, having its registered office at 149 Boulevard Bataille de Stalingrad 69100 VILLEURBANNE, France.

2. Use of Cookies

The user is informed that the Website uses cookies, tracers and/or connection cookies (hereinafter referred to as “Cookies“). Cookies are small text files sent to and stored on your computer that enable web servers to recognise users’ habits, facilitate their access to the websites consulted, and also enable site editors to improve their content.

Cookies may be installed on your terminal subject to the choices and options you have expressed or may express at any time in accordance with this Cookie Management Policy.

3. Why this cookie management policy?

For the sake of information and transparency, this cookie policy is intended to enable the user to find out more about the origin and purpose of the navigation information processed when consulting the Website and about his rights.

With the exception of technical Cookies, Cookies require the consent of the user before being deposited on his terminal. During your first visit to the Website, a Cookies banner informs you of the purposes for which we use Cookies on the Website. You can refuse or accept Cookies on a case-by-case basis through the Cookie management console which allows you to give your consent independently and specifically for each separate purpose.

If the user refuses the Cookies, no Cookie will be installed on his/her terminal, except for the technical Cookies that are essential for the functioning of the Website. In this respect, your attention is drawn to the fact that if you refuse the Cookies, certain functionalities, pages and spaces of the Website may not be fully accessible, for which the publisher cannot be held responsible.

In the absence of any expression of choice (neither acceptance nor refusal), no tracker requiring consent will be placed on your terminal and you may then be asked again as long as you do not express a choice.

4. What are Cookies?

Cookies are data used by a server to send status information to a user’s browser, and by that browser to return status information to the originating server. Status information can be, for example, a session ID, language, expiration date, response domain, etc.

Cookies make it possible to store status information during the period of validity of the cookie concerned when a browser accesses the individual pages of a website or when the browser subsequently returns to this website. Only the sender of a Cookie can read or modify the information contained therein.
There are different types of Cookies, namely:

  • TECHNICAL COOKIES: The sole purpose of these Cookies is to allow or facilitate communication by electronic means, or are strictly necessary for the provision of an online communication service at the express request of the user. For example, Cookies allow us to store your browsing preferences on the Website by keeping a record of your last visit, as well as “user session” Cookies, which allow us to identify you when you browse through several pages and which retain data only for the duration of the browsing session.
  • STATISTICAL COOKIES: Also known as “audience measurement cookies”, these Cookies enable us to obtain information on the use of the Website, to know how it is used by Internet users and to measure its audience. Statistics of frequentation are made thanks to these Cookies which then enables us to detect possible problems of navigation on the Website in order to improve its operation.
  • ADVERTISING COOKIES OR THIRD PARTY COOKIES: These are Cookies used to present advertisements or send you information tailored to your interests. Juvisé Pharmaceuticals does not use advertising Cookies but our partners are likely to deposit advertising Cookies on your terminal, with your consent.

5. Why do we use Cookies?

The Website only uses technical and statistical Cookies. Some of these cookies have the exclusive purpose of enabling or facilitating communication by electronic means. Others are strictly necessary to provide an online communication service at your express request. Still others are used in order to improve navigation by analysing the browsing of Internet users.

We may also use Cookies to store the choices expressed by the user, with the sole purpose of storing consent or refusal.

The main purposes of the Cookies used are:

  • to count visitors and identify how they use the Website;
  • to count and differentiate visits;
  • to adapt the display to your preferences and to the characteristics of your terminal;
  • to identify by which site or search engine you arrived on the Website;to manage and track your cookie choices;
  • to manage user sessions and the functionality of your browser;to carry out statistics and analyses of frequentation and use, browsing, and audience measurements of the Website and its various areas, in particular with a view to improving it.

6. What Cookies do we use?

The main Cookies deposited are detailed in the table below:

  • The technical cookies are as follows:
TYPE Name what are they for? DURATION OF LIFE
1. Technical Cookie SERVER This cookie allows us to manage your connection to the server. It is deleted when you close your browser. Session
2. Technical Cookie Gadwp_wg_default_swmetric; Gadwp_wg_default_swmetric


Cookies necessary to display the site Session




3. Technical Cookie Gadwp_wg_default_dimension Cookies necessary to display the site 30 days
4. Technical Cookie Cookie_notice_accept, wafwaf-authcookie-, This cookie is used to remember your cookie choices. 30 days
5. Technical Cookie WordPress_logged_in, wordpress_sec_, Used to check if the current visitor is logged in as a WordPress.org user. Session



  • Preferred Cookies are the following:
TYPE Name what are they for? DURATION OF LIFE
6. Cookie preferably wp_wpml_current_language, wp_wpml_current_admin_language This cookie allows us to remember your choice of language for the site’s display. Session
7. Cookie preferably wp-settings-5, wp-settings-time-5,  Used for persistence of a user’s configuration. 12 months



  • The Statistics Cookies are
TYPE Name what are they for? DURATION OF LIFE
1. Analysis Cookie _ga, Google Analytics may use cookies to collect information and generate reports on website usage statistics. For example, it will record the URL of pages viewed.


24 months


2. Analysis Cookie


gid, gat Cookies from Google analytics 24 hours
3. Analysis Cookie AMP_TOKEN Contains a token that can be used to retrieve a Customer ID from the AMP Customer Identification Service. Other possible values indicate a deactivation, status query, or error when retrieving a client ID from the AMP Client ID Service. 1 year maximum
4. Analysis Cookie _utma Google Analytics – Used to distinguish between users and sessions. 2 years
5. Analysis Cookie


_utmc, _utmx, _utmxx,_utmz Google Analytics cookies to measure the audience and analyze the traffic on the site. 6 months maximum


  • Third-party Cookies are as follows:
TYPE Name what are they for? DURATION OF LIFE
1. Third-party Cookie 1P_JAR Google Ad Cookie used for user tracking and ad targeting 1 month
2. Third-party Cookie SID, SAPISID, APISID, SSID, HSID, NEST, ANID, Google has set a number of cookies on all pages with a Google map. They are intended to collect information to measure the number and behavior of users of Google Maps. Maximum 2 years
3. Third-party Cookie CONSENT This cookie is an extension of cookie usage notification. It does not collect personal data 2 years
4. Third-party Cookie ANID, APISID, HSID, NID, OTZ, SAPSID, SID, SIDCC, SSID, DV, SEARCH_SAMESITE Google uses these cookies based on recent research to improve its advertising service on its sites.


These cookies collect statistical information about the number and behaviour of users visiting the site and their preferences.

Maximum 2 years
5. Third-party Cookie __Secure-3PAPISID, __Secure-3PSID, __Secure-3PSIDCC, __Secure-APISID, __Secure-HSID, __Secure-SSID Cookie used for advertising targeting purposes 12 months maximum

7. How long are Cookies kept?

Cookies present on the Website are kept for a limited period of time and for a maximum of thirteen (13) months, in accordance with the applicable regulations in this regard.

8. How do you manage Cookies on your browser?

If you wish to refuse Cookies, you have several means at your disposal. Firstly, you can refuse the installation of Cookies on your terminal using the Cookie management console on the Website, as explained above. If you refuse to accept Cookies, no Cookies will be installed on your terminal, except for the technical Cookies that are essential for the functioning of the Website.

You can also regularly delete Cookies from your device via your browser. Each browser is configured differently for cookie management and user choices. It is described in the help menu of the browser used, and you can find out how to change your cookie preferences. As an example, you can use the following links: for Internet Explorer™; for Safari™ for Chrome™ for Firefox™ for Opera™

In any case, the user can go to the help section of his browser to find out how his browser allows him to choose which cookies are accepted or refused.

It follows from the above that the registration of a Cookie in your terminal is essentially subject to your will, which you can express and modify at any time and free of charge.

If you agree to have certain Cookies installed on your device, the Cookies embedded in the pages and content you have viewed may be temporarily stored in a dedicated area on your device. They will be readable only by their sender.

Conversely, you can refuse Cookies. In this respect, your attention is drawn to the fact that by setting your browser to refuse Cookies, certain functions, pages and areas of the Website may not be accessible, for which the publisher cannot be held responsible.

Don’t forget to set up all the browsers for your different terminals (tablets, smartphones, computers, etc.).

9. For more information

For more information on Cookies, you can visit the CNIL website at this address: http://www.cnil.fr/vos-droits/vos-traces/les-cookies/

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