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Juvisé Pharmaceuticals

For the past 15 years, Juvisé Pharmaceuticals has been acquiring essential drugs from major companies wishing to refocus on other therapeutic areas, and then manufacturing, distributing and marketing them.

Since its creation, Juvisé has secured the production of 10 “princeps” drugs in the fields of gastroenterology, oncology (breast and prostate cancer), cardiology, neuropsychiatry and rheumatology, then made them available to 4.4 million patients.

Our mission is to identify and then acquire drugs recognized by the medical community for their high therapeutic value. Once acquired, we ensure their production, marketing and promotion to healthcare professionals. In this way, we enable patients who would otherwise have fewer, or less effective, treatment alternatives, to continue to have access to effective medicines that improve their quality of life.

Our ambition? Keep protecting patients’ health by providing them access to effective treatments that significantly improve their quality of life.

To this end, over the next few years we will also be focusing our business on more innovative and less mature drugs, by becoming the preferred commercial partner of research companies and major pharma companies worldwide.

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